Art Donation / Exhibition Proposal Policies

The Bronx Museum of the Arts does not accept exhibition proposals.

If you would like to submit your artwork for donation to the permanent collection, please send a letter addressed to The Curatorial Department at The Bronx Museum of the Arts at 1040 Grand Concourse. Bronx, NY 10456 (or send an email with the subject line "Permanent Collection Acquisition Proposal" to In the letter or email, please indicate your intention to offer the work as a gift or for sale, along with a reproduction of the piece, reason why it would fit into our collection specifically, and detailed object information (artist, artist's dates, title, work date, process, dimensions, edition number, provenance, insurance value, and preferred donor credit information for the gift).

Due to the volume of correspondence we receive, we are unable to respond to every submission. We will reach out to you should we have any questions or if we find the object is a good fit for our collection.

Thank you for your understanding and your interest in The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Please see more about our artwork donation policy below. 


Bronx Museum of the Arts Artwork Donation Policy


1. The Bronx Museum of the Arts does not accept unsolicited artwork or objects for consideration. Unsolicited art and objects will be discarded at the museum’s discretion.


2. Before any work of art is accepted into the collection, it must be inspected and approved by the Art Museum’s Director/Curator.


3. Proposals for acquisition are brought by the Art Museum Director/Curator to the Board of Trustees, which considers and recommends acquisitions of works of art.

4. No object may be considered for acquisition without the recommendation of the Director/Curator.


5. Museum staff members are not available for unsolicited appointments. The Bronx Museum of the Arts does not provide the following services: identification, authentication, appraisal, conservation, art handling and/or installation.


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