Carla Maldonado

2020 Aim Fellow


Carla Maldonado is a Brazilian artist whose creative endeavors span the realms of film, photography, site-specific installation, and multimedia experiences. Through the intricate intersection of these mediums, she crafts visual narratives deeply influenced by the principles of queer ecofeminism, seamlessly weaving together captivating imagery with poignant social critique.

With her discerning lens, Carla delves into the complexities of contemporary human-environment relationships entrenched within socio-political frameworks. Her artistic practice serves as a platform to shed light on pressing issues such as the global climate crisis, the exploitation of nature, and the enduring legacies of colonialism. Each piece she conceptualizes, films, photographs, edits, and directs serves as a defiant act of resistance against the destructive forces perpetuated by Western imperialism.

In Carla’s artistic universe, beauty transcends mere aesthetics; it emerges as a revolutionary manifesto, a catalyst for dialogue, critical reflection, and the envisioning of alternative futures. Through her work, she endeavors to spark transformative conversations, challenging established paradigms and inspiring a collective reimagining of our relationship with the world around us.

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