Christina Freeman

2022 Aim Fellow


Christina Freeman (she/her) is an artist and curator based in Brooklyn. Her participatory installation, UltraViolet Archive was exhibited in the Queens International 2018: Volumes at Queens Museum, with mentions in Artforum and Vulture. UltraViolet Archive was also on view for Creative Time Summit X (2019) and has received support from Culture Push, National Coalition Against Censorship, and Danish Arts Foundation.
Residencies include: ARoS Public, Aarhus, Denmark; Flux Factory, Queens, NY; and
SOMA, Mexico City.
As a current member of ABC No Rio’s Visual Arts Collective, Christina organizes exhibitions in noncommercial spaces in New York.

Artist Statement

I am a conceptual artist working in participatory performance, ephemeral events, and immersive installation. I appropriate familiar institutions and rituals as material–the lemonade stand, tech support event, or nomadic library–often inviting the audience to co-create with me in a radical space. I document these events through drawings, photographs, and video.
For Best Value Lemonade (2016-2018), I invited gallery visitors to respond to surveys on symbolic value, in exchange for a glass of lemonade. Using the infamous “Lemonade Stand” to discuss non-monetary value, I subverted the capitalist tradition held within the space of youth entrepreneurship.
In Unfriend Me Friend (2018), I responded to Facebook’s sale of user data by hosting a free data download party. I provided technical support and themed cocktails in exchange for participation. Projecting Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 congressional testimony as a backdrop, I purchased participants’ Facebook data for 75 cents–the amount paid by Cambridge Analytica.
UltraViolet Archive (2018-2019) is an interactive collection of creative works that were banned, challenged, or partially censored. Visitors are invited to conduct research and contribute to the archive.
By interrupting the routines of American culture—capitalism, data harvesting, censorship—I hope to give the audience an opportunity to look critically at the institutions that hold and reinforce power.
UltraViolet Archive (Detail of neon sign), 2018-2019
Best Value Lemonade, 2016-2018
UltraViolet Archive, 2018-2019
UltraViolet Archive, 2019
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