Coral Saucedo Lomelí

2023 Aim Fellow

Artist Statement

Coral Saucedo Lomelí’s work is influenced by personal and poetic visual experiences that make up the “everyday.” She is interested in recontextualizing overlooked objects and processes, and framing them as poetic moments through collecting, disposing, constructing, translating, and recreating. Her sculptures frame situations where systems collapse, question the functionality of objects, explore material relationships, and investigate our relationship to labor. Saucedo Lomelí is interested in creating a new world where we can see the maker’s hand like a poetic mark. She believes we have to find new ways of representing and describing our world, while simultaneously making and describing things that don’t yet exist.

Coral Saucedo Lomelí was born in Mexico City and completed her undergraduate studies in fine art at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena CA and an MFA at Yale University. She has done residencies at Yaddo (New York), RUINA (Oaxaca), The Lighthouse Works (New York), SOMA (Mexico City), at a construction site in San Borja #928 (Mexico City), Jacobo and Maria Studio (Oaxaca), and with the AA School of Architecture (Xilitla). She was awarded the Provost Grant and the San Marino Art League Scholarship as well as a Fonca/Conacyt Grant which made possible her studies at Yale University. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY.

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