Huidi Xiang

2023 Aim Fellow

Artist Statement

Huidi Xiang (b. 1995 Chengdu, China) is a sculptor based in New York, NY. Huidi received her MFA in Art from Carnegie Mellon University in 2021 and her BA in Architecture from Rice University in 2018. Huidi’s works have been exhibited internationally, including at OCAT Biennale at OCT Art & Design Gallery in Shenzhen, China; KAJE in Brooklyn, NY, USA; Lydian Stater in Long Island City, NY, USA; LATITUDE Gallery in New York, NY, USA; Contemporary Calgary in Calgary, Canada, and more. Huidi has also participated in some artist residencies, including NARS Foundation International Residency Program (2022), ACRE Residency Program (2021), and the Millay Colony for the Arts (2020).

In my art practice, I make sculptural objects, installations, and systems to ponder and probe the spatial and temporal effects of inhabiting both digital and physical worlds in late capitalism. Using various digital modeling, digital fabrication, and physical sculpting methods, I reinterpret and remix elements from different on- and off-line contexts to create my work. Thus, both the artwork and the making process reflect a constant translation between the virtual space and the tangible sensorial world we occupy with our bodies. With my work, I intend to create a realm in between to cultivate alternative narratives, illustrating and fathoming emerging politics and critical issues associated with the ever-expansive merge between the physical and the virtual, the real and the simulated, and the fact and the fiction in today’s post-industrial post-internet world.

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