School Partnerships
About School Partnerships 

As the twenty-first century moves forward, challenging our preconceived views about what art is, the task of connecting contemporary art to existing models proves to be more complex and demanding. It is vital then that our youth learns important aspects of museum culture, especially that of contemporary art museums.


The Bronx Museum of the Arts’ mission is to educate students, beginning with those who belong to our community and borough about the pertinence of art in our culture as source of information, investigative tool into history and even as a critical thinking process.


Through partnerships with schools and cultural organizations, we strive to develop a life-long relationship with our community’s educational leaders and learners, allowing them to explore valuable concepts through our exhibitions and art making workshops that help build critical thinking skills, awareness of art as not only an expressive outlet but as a career path through the investigation of museum culture.


School Partnerships and Education Programs are made with support from JP Morgan Chase, The  David Rockefeller Fund, Deutsche Bank, and New York Yankees Foundation.

P.S. 73 
Students at P.S. 73 working on a sculpture project at The Bronx Museum of the Arts

At elementary school P.S. 73, the Museum works with the entire 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade through this residency program. Students are introduced to Museum culture as they explore current exhibitions and related artistic processes. The program aims to help students gain confidence in writing, acquire art-making skills and techniques, create artwork as a way to problem solve, understand and respect each other's voices. 

I.S. 218 
Heather Delaney leading a game design session with 7th graders at I.S. 218

At middle school I.S. 218 the Museum works with the entire 6th and 7th grade through this ten-session program. Students learn the basic concepts of game mechanics focusing on board games in 6th grade and growing in sophistication to digital games in 7th grade. 

Teen Thursdays 
Artist Shani Peters working with middle school students from I.S. X303

Teen Thursdays is an after-school program that is part of the New York City Department of Education Chancellor Carmen Fariña's office for middle school students. Students meet on seven Thursday afternoons per semester at the Museum and explore American history through current exhibitions. 

High School Partnership 
Artist John Ahearn working with students from Bronx High School for the Arts

The high school partnerships focus on development of observation, critical thinking, and analysis skills through an in-depth exploration of artistic process through themes from Museum exhibitions. 


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