Film and Archive Screening Cosmos Gate and Azul

Travel through time with exhibiting artist Abigail DeVille and filmmaker Paul Leiber. Join us for the second film and archive screening that unearths lesser known aspects of the Bronx history through unseen documentary footage and recorded oral history narratives. This event is in conjunction with the artist’s survey Bronx Heavens.

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Jun 17, 2023      5pm - 8pm
    • Portrait of Abigail DeVille, 2021. Image credit: John Edmonds.
    • Paul Lieber

    Paul Lieber

    Paul Ambrose Lieber is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose main focus is the Moving Image.  An early interest in filmmaking led Lieber to studying and becoming professionally competent in multiple disciplines. At any time of the year Lieber may be employed as a songwriter, composer, performer, actor, director of photography, editor, sound designer, projection designer, or baker.

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