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Lifelong Studio: Artmaking for Older Adults

Lifelong Studio is a series of sequential, hands-on artmaking workshops at The Bronx Museum for adults ages 55 and over. Each 8-week program is free of charge and culminates in an artmaking project and final celebration.

Created in 2023 with funding from E.A. Michelson Philanthropy, Lifelong Studio offers older adults opportunities to express their creativity, learn new artistic techniques, and hone existing skills while engaging deeply with the museum space.

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Bronx Museum Executive Director Klaudio Rodriguez Speaks About Lifelong Studio:

Video produced by E.A. Michelson Philanthropy.

Previous Workshops

Introduction to Printmaking: Impressions of the Bronx

Summer 2023

Participants will explore various printmaking techniques, including screen printing, relief printing, and risograph printing and will create individual and collaborative prints based on works of art in The Bronx Museum's collection and recent exhibitions. In addition to learning specific art making skills, participants will learn about the history of printmaking and the relationship between printmaking and social movements. Final prints will be combined into a print portfolio and presented at The Bronx Museum.

Zine Making: Putting Your Ideas in Print

Summer 2023

Participants will learn the history and technique behind zines–DIY, creative hands-on publications–as they create their own theme-based zine to share with their communities. Participants will learn writing, drawing, printmaking, layout, photo and text editing, and other skills in production of a zine on a topic of their collaborative choice. 

Make It Into a Book: Introduction to Bookmaking Techniques

Participants will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of bookmaking techniques, including concertina fold, Japanese binding, pamphlet-making, relief, and paper marbling. Alongside honing their technical skills, attendees will delve into the book as an artistic medium for self-expression. The culmination of their efforts will be showcased at The Bronx Museum through the presentation of their final artist’s books. Additionally, participants will engage in a collaborative book project that will become an integral part of The Bronx Museum Research Collection.

Photography: Picturing the Community

Spring 2023

Through this sequential photography studio program, participants will learn the history and impact of photography in society and the art world. Participants will also learn the foundational mechanics of photography and  see how artists have utilized photography in their creative practices. Participants will be working towards the final project of a bound photo series book. At the culmination of the program participants will take home an edition of their photobook, a portfolio of all of the additional projects completed in the studio, and a small kit of materials to continue their photography explorations.

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