Diana Guerra

2024 Aim Fellow

Artist Statement

My work takes the personal archive as a starting point to explore notions of home and a sense of belonging as a Latine immigrant in the United States. Through photography, film, and new media, I focus on the complex duality that shapes our immigrant identities. The simultaneous feeling of being neither here nor there opens a conversation on how to visualize being in a third space that we create on a daily basis.

I am here to discuss how a personal archive is usually conceived, shared, and preserved. In that sense, my artistic practice supports a transition of this visual universe from the private sphere to a communal/public one, where its impact extends beyond sporadic moments of joy found in family albums or old JPEGs.

My work aims to transform the personal archive into an atemporal universe, transcending nostalgia or memory. By using outdated technology and processes that are accessible and of a domestic origin, I explore being an immigrant as a process of renewal. Through my work, I shed light on envisioning our past, the interconnected nature of our times, and how geography becomes so small in the vastness of our interiority.

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