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The 2024 AIM Fellows

The 2024 AIM Fellows were selected from hundreds of artists who applied via The Bronx Museum’s annual open call for the program.

Learn more about each 2024 AIM Fellow by clicking on their name:

Skip Brea
Hedwig Brouckaert
Jordan Cruz
Ricki Dwyer
Bryan Fernandez
Diana Guerra
DeepPond Kim
Juyon Lee
Delvin Lugo
Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow
lauren mcavoy
Laurel Richardson
Asia Stewart
Motohiro Takeda

The 2024 Cohort of AIM Fellows joins a community of over 1,200 artists who have benefitted from the program since its inception in 1980.

2024 AIM Cohort

About the AIM Fellowship

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A flagship program of The Bronx Museum for over 40 years, the AIM Fellowship is a career accelerator program for promising artists based in NYC. Artists accepted into the program complete a nine-month curriculum designed to impart the practical knowledge needed to sustain and grow a creative practice in the art industry today. Led by a distinguished faculty of art-world professionals, courses cover a wide range of topics including finance, law, media management, and writing.

The capstone of AIM is a free public convening designed and co-facilitated by the Fellows. Through the convening, the Fellows have the opportunity to share valuable knowledge and skills they gained from the AIM program with a wider community of artists and creatives—thereby establishing them as thought leaders in the field.

Although the Fellowship does not include a studio component, AIM has also traditionally included a biennial exhibition at The Bronx Museum that showcases the work of artists who completed the program in recent years.

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2024 AIM Fellow Artwork Samples

Artworks in continuous scroll by artists Skip Brea, Jordan Cruz, Ricki Dwyer, Motohiro Takeda, lauren mcavoy, Laurel Richardson, Juyon Lee, Diana Guerra, Delvin Lugo, Bryan Fernadez, Asia Stewart, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Hedwig Brouckaert, and DeepPond Kim.

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