Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow

2024 Aim Fellow

Artist Statement

My personal and artistic journey reflects a rich tapestry of cultural, historical, and migratory experiences. The intersection of the African diaspora, European colonialism, and Chinese migration in my origin story provides a unique perspective on identity and heritage.

The narrative of my ancestral convergence in Jamaica, marked by the legacies of slavers, enslaved Africans, and migrant workers, is followed by my family’s migration to the United States. This transition from the post-colonial Caribbean to the cultural melting pot of the United States adds layers to my understanding of self and place.

My artistic practice becomes a powerful means to explore and express the complexities of my identity and the evolving landscapes of both Jamaica and the United States. The juxtaposition of my early memories of Jamaica, frozen in time yet evolving in meaning, with my experiences as an immigrant in the U.S., highlights the dynamic nature of cultural identity.

The goal of pinpointing the ephemeral image of a once-perfect Jamaican landscape speaks to a longing for a lost past of sustainability and a celebration of our proud society. This sentiment is juxtaposed with my exploration of the American landscape through my immigrant lens, where I engage with socio-political and colonial narratives and question historical moments and monuments.

My use of drawings, performances, wearable art, and installations to re-investigate and reinterpret histories and lost traditions demonstrates a commitment to uncovering hidden narratives and challenging established perspectives. Through my work, I aim not only to understand and celebrate my roots but also to contribute to building more informed and equitable futures.

By questioning the construction of colonial pasts and exploring forgotten traditions, my work becomes a catalyst for dialogue and introspection. It adds layers to the broader conversation about cultural identity, heritage, and the impact of historical legacies on contemporary society.

Overall, my artistic journey is a compelling exploration of the intersections of personal and collective histories, migration, and the quest for equity and understanding.

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