Motohiro Takeda

2024 Aim Fellow

Artist Statement

In recent years, our relationship with the natural world has been overshadowed by excess, spectacle, and technology. My work resists this tendency in favor of slowing down the speed of contemporary life to a human, tangible scale to re-establish our interconnectedness with the cosmos, our immediate environment, and the time that transcends human existence.

I work with raw materials from the natural and industrial worlds and combine and collaborate with these remnants in my studio. Through photography, sculpture, ceramics, and performance, I aim to distill and amplify the physicality of materials and draw out their interconnectedness, history, and inherent ephemerality through abstraction and transformation.

To me, these materials are fragments—a part of something incomplete or isolated from the whole. When creating my work, I strive to achieve wholeness. Everything has its own story and transforms through the cycle of birth and inevitable decay. I seek to reconcile seemingly opposing forces such as reason and emotion, chaos and balance, life and death, past and future, and nature and manufactured so that they can coexist in my work.

The resulting objects are often arranged in installations that reciprocate with one another to create a relational space, allowing viewers to encounter a renewed experience with time, one that existed before humans divided it into fractions. Ultimately, I am cultivating a garden of time or something that encompasses the garden within itself, like a Japanese stone garden or karesansui, which contains the universe within. In our increasingly urban and digital world, I believe there is a pressing need for this kind of artistic practice that strives to connect us with earthly and cosmic timescapes and encourage us to reflect on our existence.

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