Bronx Calling: The AIM Fifth Biennial

Bronx Calling: The Fifth AIM Biennial showcases the work of 68 early career artists from the 2018 and 2019 cycles of the Bronx Museum’s AIM Fellowship program. Co-curated by Ian Cofre (Director, PS 122 Gallery) and Eva Mayhabal Davis (Co-Director, Transmitter), the fifth edition of Bronx Calling considers the multiple crises of health, grief, the environment, and identity that define our contemporary moment.

To view a virtual 360˚ version of this exhibition, please click here.*

*This tour is interactive! Use your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to look around and navigate the tour. You can move to any section of the gallery by clicking on the large circles on the gallery floor. We invite you to click on the Information Icon to learn more about the art work and the artist. If you’d like to view the tour full screen, double click anywhere in the tour window. This tour can also be explored using a VR or Google Cardboard headset and is accessible via phone, tablet or computer.

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Bronx Calling: The Fifth AIM Biennial installation image 1 by Argenis Apolinario Photography.
Bronx Calling: The Fifth AIM Biennial installation image 1 by Argenis Apolinario Photography.

AIM Fellowship

Since 1980, the Bronx Museum’s AIM Fellowship has engaged two generations of artists by offering access to robust career management resources. Selected artists are provided insight into the mechanics of the art world through a comprehensive curriculum addressing the practicalities of sustaining a creative career. AIM Fellows gain candid and in-depth guidance from leading industry insiders on topics such as legal issues in art, effective communication strategies, building competitive funding proposals, and planning for healthy financial futures to help early career artists navigate the complexities of the contemporary art market. Since its founding, the AIM Fellowship has provided pivotal career support to a diverse roster of over 1,200 of New York’s most promising artists.


Exhibition Support

Bronx Calling: The Fifth AIM Biennial is made possible by Christie’s, Martin Weinstein and Tereza Liszka, Debbie Rechler, Cher Lewis, Friends of AIM, and SRI Fine Art Services.


The AIM Fellowship program is generously supported by the Jerome Foundation, Pollock-Krasner Foundation, and Miranda Family Fund.

Participating Artists

Emily Chow Bluck (b. New York, New York), Christian Breed (b. New York, New York), Keith Burns (b. New York, New York), Tiffany Joy Butler (b. Bronxville, New York), Ricardo Cabret (b. San Juan, Puerto Rico), Gabino A. Castelán (b. Puebla, Mexico), Hon Eui Chen (b. Bangkok, Thailand), Yan Cynthia Chen (b. Fuzhou, China), Gal Cohen (b. Tel Aviv, Israel), Zorica Čolić (b. Belgrade, Serbia), Mauricio Cortes Ortega (b. Saltillo, Mexico), Vanezza Cruz (b. New York, New York), Isabella Cruz-Chong (b. Austin, Texas), Adrien de Monès (b. Paris, France), Francisco Donoso (b. Quito, Ecuador), Carlos Wilfredo Encarnación (b. Fajardo, Puerto Rico), Eliza Evans (b. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Daqi Fang (b. Wuhan, China), Raphael Fenton-Spaid (b. Rome, Italy), Gina Goico (b. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde (b. Caracas, Venezuela), Kris Grey (b. Cooperstown, New York), Harley Ngai Grieco (b. State College, Pennsylvania), Jennifer Grimyser (b. Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Reiko Hamano (b. Osaka, Japan), Maggie Hazen (b. Los Angeles, California), Emily Henretta (b. Boston, Massachusetts), Kim Hoeckele (b. Atlanta, Georgia), Camille Hoffman (b. Chicago, Illinois), Jack Hogan (b. Waterford, Ireland), Lady K-Fever (a.k.a. Kathleena Howie) (b. Vancouver, Canada), Cary Hulbert (b. Stamford, Connecticut), Gyun Hur (b. Daegu, South Korea), Sareh Imani (b. Shiraz, Iran), Carlos Jiménez Cahua (b. Lima, Peru), Clare Kambhu (b. New York, New York), James Kelly (b. Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Nari Kim (b. Phyong-Chang, South Korea), Trevor King (b. Butler, Pennsylvania), Jesse Kreuzer (b. Manhasset, New York), Laura Lappi (b. Lahti, Finland), Estelle Maisonett (b. Bronx, New York), Katrina Majkut (b. Boston, Massachusetts), Gina Malek (b. Rochester, Minnesota), Lawrence Mesich (b. Nashville, Tennessee), William Miller (b. New York, New York), Levani (Levan Mindiashvili) (b. Tbilisi, Georgia), Rehan Miskci (b. Istanbul, Turkey), Rodrigo Moreira (b. Coronel Fabriciano, Brazil), Shane Morrissey (b. New York, New York), EunJung Park (b. Seoul, South Korea), Bundith Phunsombatlert (b. Bangkok, Thailand), Luciana Pinchiero (b. Rosario, Argentina), Antonio Pulgarin (b. Brooklyn, New York), Adam Liam Rose (b. Jerusalem, Israel), Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera (b. Güines, Cuba), Catalina Schliebener Muñoz (b. Santiago, Chile), Marco Scozzaro (b. Turin, Italy), Sarah G. Sharp (b. Sacramento, California), Andre Bogart Szabo (b. Washington, District of Columbia), Katherine Toukhy (b. Providence, Rhode Island), Victoria-Idongesit Udondian (b. Uyo, Nigeria), Gabriela Vainsencher (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina), Jia Wang (b. Lanzhou, China), Poyen Wang (b. Taipei, Taiwan), Sarah K. Williams (b. Richmond, Virginia), Cay Yoon (b. Seoul, South Korea), José Delgado Zúñiga (b. Ventura, California)

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