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AIM Fellowship

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Since 1980, the Bronx Museum of the Arts has supported New York’s artist community through the AIM Fellowship, the museum’s flagship artist development program offering career management resources to guide emerging artists through the opaque professional practices of the art world.

Mentored by a distinguished faculty of industry experts, AIM Fellows engage in a nine-month long series of intensive seminars and activities covering a wide range of topics including finance, law, media management, and writing, among others, that aid artists in building sustainable studio practices while expanding peer and professional networks.

The capstone of AIM is a free public convening designed and co-facilitated by the Fellows. Through the convening, the Fellows have the opportunity to share valuable knowledge and skills they gained from the AIM program with a wider community of artists and creatives—thereby establishing them as thought leaders in the field.

Since its founding, the AIM Fellowship has provided pivotal career support to a diverse roster of over 1,200 of New York’s most promising artists.


Photo by Argenis Apolinario
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